Born to Live

Fate has tried to defeat Beeja Krishnan in the age of 3 , in the form of cerebral palsy, still she is on her move . Beeja Krishnan, now  41 , lives in the world of music and a


Meet The Masters

                   Al Sharq Healthcare is dedicated to deliver a range of primary and secondary


by Leen B. Jesmas

Old age is termed as a return to infancy. When the second child hood starts body also needs precautions. That is why vaccinations for fifty plus is recommended now. A recent study shows that many Nations, are now suggesting Adults for vaccinations,mainly for the reason that , the threat of pneumococcal diseases are spreading. Pneumococcal disease can be dangerous, and sometimes fatal, in people with certain chronic medical conditions. This may be true even when the chronic medical condition is well controlled with medication and/or lifestyle management. Pneumococcal vaccination needs to be used more consistently to reduce the risk of pneumococcal infection in these individuals, says the study. The Centers for disease control and prevention recommends physicians to advise Adult community for the Vaccinations at their second childhood.

Born to Live

by Nikhil Raj N.

Fate has tried to defeat Beeja Krishnan in the age of 3 , in the form of cerebral palsy, still she is on her move . Beeja Krishnan, now  41 , lives in the world of music and art.She can recollect old songs by hearing the beginning of the background music and has also won local level competitions on Hindi music. She loves  ­­painting and handicraft.She spends most of her time with books and is now planning to meet Hrithik Roshan , the bollywood film star. Her mother Balamaniyamma has compiled her diary notes and is planning to publish it as a book ‘Hridayathinte Thengalukal’( meaning  weaping heart),as a tribute to her late brother Bijukuttan, who also suffered from cerebral palsy. 
Her father Krishnakurup(retd CISF assistant commandant ) ,mother Balamaniyamma and brother shyam Kurup (Vice President , BizTV Networks) are doing all their best to support beeja to move ahead in life.

Meet The Masters


                 Al Sharq Healthcare is dedicated to deliver a range of primary and secondary health care services with the sole objective of delivering excellence via the very latest technology,says Ahmed Al Hafeiti, the Deputy CEO, Al Sharq Hospital, Fujairah. Dr Hafeiti was participating in our show “Meet The Masters”.
                              Al Sharq is owned by the Fujairah National Group and the hospital is set to raise the bar of healthcare services provided in Fujairah and the UAE in general. Dr Hafeiti says that maintaining a proper healthy diet along with routine exercise and good sleep are the key things to be kept in mind.
“Every single person should do a regular checkup” is the health message he shares


by Bose R C

A research team lead by by Baylor's Scott Coleman had found a new way to identify the depth of gait disability in patients with cerebral palsy. In those patients, the damage of the brain limits their arm and leg motor functions. Posture and free movement in the limbs are the major challenges faced by the physicians when treating patients with cerebral palsy. As it was difficult to support a patient's function involving movement without knowing their true depth. This study made easy to identify gait issues and may give better treatment options in the future.This was a randomized study, involving patients with and without cerebral palsy of mean age of 17 years, were assessed using three-dimensional gait analysis (GA). The goal of this novel study methodology was to aid in identifying different movement patterns that are helpful for improved treatment planning for children with cerebral palsy while also aiding in forecasting more accurate outcome. This can be used to help classify cerebral palsy based on their specific needs for the treatment. The study was based on four clinical categories as: 1) close to normal, 2) deviations mainly in the leg, 3) deviations mainly in the arm, and 4) deviations in the arm and the leg.This study was published in April 2014 edition of Clinical Biomechanics. The research, led internationally by Baylor and the Nordic researchers (Dr. Riad and Dan Lundh, from the University of Skövde), and Jacques Riad from Skaraborg Hospital in Skövde, Sweden.

Health Headlines

by Vijayalakshmi Vijayakrishnan

                                  Beach safety campaign launched in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Municipality has launched a two­day safety awareness campaign at the swimming beaches at Al Bateen corniche and Ladies Beach.The municipality said the campaign came in response to rising numbers of beachgoers.
Health forum in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi will host the GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress forum next month, where participants will provide innovative strategies to improve the quality of healthcare delivery whilst reducing costs and assessing the latest medical technologies.

Emerging developments in AI's

by Bejoy Antony


Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is highly specialized with helpful sophisticated computer programs. They can for e.g. fly planes, play chess or assemble cars in controlled environments. Scientists have now made it adaptable AI programs that can learn to solve problems in real time by feed backing in many different areas.
The program is primarily designed to recreate certain aspects of children’s cognitive development.

Egg White Omlet

by Anjali J Menon

Cooking Spray
2 tbs chopped mushrooms
2 tbs chopped onion
2 tbs chopped green pepper bells
4 egg whites or 1 container egg white
Salt and pepper to taste

 Spray a pan with cooking spray.
 Toss the onion, green bell pepper, and mushrooms
  into the pan, and mix it with a fork.
  Sprinkle some salt and black pepper,
  and pour in the egg whites.
  Cook in a microwave oven on High setting for
  3 minutes.
  Remove and stir the cooked egg white
  into the rest of the ingredients.
  cook for 3 more minutes on High.
  Slice the omlet into chunks and turn them
  over in the loaf pan; microwave for
  30 more seconds on High.
  Add some salt and pepper if needed.
  Serve it Hot.


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