Eye Infection



Benefits of Pumpkin oil

Pumpkin seed oil is carving out a place for itself in the kitchen-to-beauty scene, even as the coconut craze continues. It turns out, the cold-pressed oil from pumpkin seeds (also cal


by Leen B. Jesmas

Medical Bills are indeed a horror  to many as per new reports.The patients are concerned about the transparency offered by many health services.A survey has found that most of the patients are consistently surprised by how their medical bills were.Pre-treatment cost estimates are not provided in most of the cases.Considering the fact that industry analysts claim hospital price calculations are arbitrary there is no sticker price . Some hospitals calculate their charge based on such factors as the cost of buying or leasing the machinery, the wear and tear on that machine, staff salaries, the climate control and electric bill, cleaning costs, local competitive pricing, and other costs related to the hospital’s overhead, like malpractice insurance.An interesting factor is that as technology advances,charges are at peak.But the cost and efficiency of care still continues to be a major motivating factor for many patients.They have the right to know how much will be the cost for services so that they can plan their care without breaking the bank.

Eye Infection

by Bose R C

                                                                  The discomfort, aches and also emission of the eye contamination could be brought on by harmful bacteria, viruses or even fungi. It is not easy to differentiate between all of them.
When we don't require antibiotics:
Minor contamination - wherever there exists a bit of inflammation as well as little distress - may be treated with over the counter, anti-bacterial treatments like Brolene Eye Drops together with GoldenEye which each of those include propamidine isetionate.
Instead of destroying the harmful bacteria, this slows down their build-up, enabling the body to combat the contamination.
When do we need antibiotics?
Whenever the eye region is incredibly aching with an emission, and also when they are glued together with crusting. This is often an indication of bacterial conjunctivitis and also indicates antibiotic eye drops are essential. for affected patients, it is  recommended that it should be used for 5 days, which include kids from the age group of one.

Benefits of Pumpkin oil

by Anagha Mahesh

Pumpkin seed oil is carving out a place for itself in the kitchen-to-beauty scene, even as the coconut craze continues. It turns out, the cold-pressed oil from pumpkin seeds (also called pepitas) has an enthusiastic following among natural beauty and wellness mavens who are drizzling it over their salads, smoothing it on their skin, and washing up with it in the shower and loving it for its nutrient-packed qualities. So, what can pumpkin seed oil do for your looks? It's rich in vitamin A and E, zinc, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, says hair experts, which makes a hair supplement that’s loaded with the oil.Pumpkin seed oil is more commonly infused into natural beauty products, than applied on its own topically, but its benefits in these concoctions are no short of amazing. Pumpkin seeds, rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and fibers, may provide benefits for heart and liver health, particularly when mixed with flax seeds.

Harvey Williams Cushing

by Deepthi T N

                                         Dr.Harvey Cushing was given the title of the father of modern neurological surgery as he earned a worldwide reputation in this field, bringing about bold and novel surgical innovations in the field of medicine and surgery. Descending from a long line of medical practitioners, Cushing was always expected to get into a similar field. Many of the tools, techniques and procedures used in the operation theater today are the ones that were developed by Harvey Cushing in the early 19th century. He defined all medical traditions and took control of the most important, functioning system in the human body; the Central Nervous System. He discovered the deadly Cushing's disease and was also rewarded for his efforts and contribution to surgery and science. The Harvey Cushing Society, a first-of-its-kind, neurosurgical association was set up in honor of the prominent neurosurgeon. With his expertise, innovations and discoveries, Harvey Cushing made Neurology and Neurosurgery one of the most important divisions in medicine all over the world. Towards the end of his fast-paced career, Harvey Cushing decided to retire and briefly worked at the Yale University School of Medicine. He wrote and discovered the polyglandular syndrome and was also given the title of the ‘father of modern medicine’. He emphasized on the need of the sphygmomanometer that measured the blood pressure levels in the human body during surgery. This was one of his greatest contributions, next only to making neurosurgery a more realistic procedure and at par with the discovery of Cushing’s disease.

Health Headlines

by Vijayalakshmi Vijayakrishnan

                                                                                         1. Dubai doctors participate in aid for Gaza children
A team of doctors from Dubai helped treat Palestinian children in Gaza for a range of health problems during an eight-day medical visit.The camp was organised by UK-based charities The Palestinian Relief Fund (PCRF) and The Little Wings Foundation.
2. Cooler temperatures encourage replication of cold virus
The common cold virus can reproduce itself more efficiently in the cooler temperatures found inside the nose than at core body temperature, according to a new Yale-led study.

Sparking language through music class

by Bejoy Antony

                                                                 Children who are influenced with music and music studies has shown noticeable benefits for the brain development. But youngsters who passively attend the music class may be missing out, according to new studies.The study also suggested level of engagements does matters, that the children who regularly participated in music class showed large improvementsin how the brain processes speech and reading than those who not involved.       

Banana Cookies

by Anjali J Menon

3 Ripe Bananas
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
2 Cups Rolled Oats
1 Cup Pitted and Chopped Dates

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
2. In a large bowl, mash the bananas. Combine oats, dates, oil, and vanilla. Mix well, and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Pour it on to cookie moulds.
3. Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, or until lightly brown.

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