Supernovae can produce resilient planet-forming material

A new study has revealed that supernovae can produce resilient material that can form Earth-like planets.The research team, headed by Lau, used SOFIA's airborne teles


EAR Contamination: When we do and dont require antibiotics

Kids are more susceptible to ear contamination, simply because the small air cavities in their ear can be clogged with mucus. The contamination generally focuses on the middle ear, th


by Leen B. Jesmas

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day and it is a time to alert the world about this epidemic Which is called as the second greatest killer worldwide due to a single infectious agent. It is estimated  that 1.5 million people still die of tuberculosis each year.It is in this context that the World Health Organization is calling for “global solidarity and action” to support a new 20-year strategy which aims to end the global tuberculosis epidemic.TB occurs in every part of the world. During the last two years ,the largest number of new TB cases occurred in the South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions, accounting for 56% of new cases globally. However, Africa carried the greatest proportion of new cases per population with 280 cases per 100 000 population . The disease frequently has devastating economic consequences for affected families, reducing their annual income by an average of 50%, and aggravating existing inequalities.2015 is seen as a critical year for action to adapt and roll out the strategy in diverse country settings. Achieving success for the strategy will require the TB community around the world to work together to leverage alliances and resources.The WHO’s Stop TB Strategy, which is recommended for implementation by all countries and partners, aims to dramatically reduce TB by public and private actions at national and local levels. 

Supernovae can produce resilient planet-forming material

by Shyam Jos

A new study has revealed that supernovae can produce resilient material that can form Earth-like planets.The research team, headed by Lau, used SOFIA's airborne telescope and the Faint Object InfraRed Camera for the SOFIA Telescope, FORCAST, to take detailed infrared images of an interstellar dust cloud known as Supernova Remnant Sagittarius A East, or SNR Sgr A East.The team used SOFIA data to estimate the total mass of dust in the cloud from the intensity of its emission. The investigation required easurements at long infrared wavelengths in order to peer through intervening interstellar clouds and detect the radiation emitted by the supernova dust.Astronomers already had evidence that a supernova's outward-moving shock wave can produce significant amounts of dust. Until now, a key question was whether the new soot- and sand-like dust particles would survive the subsequent inward "rebound" shock wave generated when the first, outward-moving shock wave collides with surrounding interstellar gas and dust.

EAR Contamination: When we do and dont require antibiotics

by Bose R C

Kids are more susceptible to ear contamination, simply because the small air cavities in their ear can be clogged with mucus. The contamination generally focuses on the middle ear, the otitis media, leading to an accumulation of liquid, which results in problems, nausea and also diminished listening. 
When we don't require antibiotics: 
A mid ear contamination is generally brought on by a viral strain; but will eliminate by itself, generally within 3 days. Paracetamol or even ibuprofen can assist with discomfort as well as fever. 
When do we need antibiotics? 
In grownups or even kids, in the event that the signs and symptoms are serious - such as elevated fever of over 38.5 degree Celsius as well as nausea, but don't clear up within 2 to 3 days, or in case if you find pus oozing from the ear, then a program of the antibiotic amoxicillin can be recommended.We are very likely to recommend antibiotics in the event that a kid is just under 2, since ear contamination will probably lead to problems within this age bracket, for example; a ruptured eardrum.


Theodor Billroth

by Deepthi T N

Christian Albert Theodor Billroth is remembered as one of the most innovative medical surgeons and educators of 19th century. He was a leading patron of Viennese musical scene and contributed to both surgical and musical field. Billroth is regarded as the father of modern abdominal surgery and was the first person to attempt to do a scientific analysis of music. He completed his doctorate studies in medicine and became a successful surgeon. Being a passionate learner, Billroth visited many medical universities as part of his educational tour. His amazing presence of mind and cool temper made him one of the most distinguished surgeons of his time. He penned many papers and books in medicine and also served in a military hospital during Franco-German War. He is remembered for his important role in establishing the first modern school of thought in surgery. Learn more about the life of this skillful physician from this biography. Billroth had a severe lung infection during the spring of 1887. He suffered from cardiac problems as well towards his last years. Billroth died on 6th February 1894 in Abbazia, Austria-Hungary. He was buried in Vienna with "princely" honors. There is a memorial for him in the arcade square at the University of Vienna, which was unveiled on November 7, 1897.

Health Headlines

                                                    WHO honours Sultan Al Qasimi for his anti-tobacco efforts
Abu Dhabi, H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has been awarded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for his outstanding contributions to tobacco control during the opening session of the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) .
UNHCR Report: 98,710 Syrian refugees benefit from UAE-provided health services
Following the delivery and completion of the 2014 health projects funded by the UAE through United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, the organisation has recently issued its final progress report, highlighting the significance and impact of the UAE’s contribution of AED7 million, which has benefitted a total of 98,710 registered Syrian refugees in Zaatari and Azraq camps in Jordan. It also aided the provision of health services in 2014, where women and children make up 78 percent of the registered beneficiaries.

Exercise hormone irisin may be a myth: Study

by Shyam Mohan

                               A new study has claimed that the “exercise hormone” irisin cannot be produced by humans.Thus, irisin may be just a myth as scientists provide evidence against the existence of the “exercise hormone” in humans and and other species.Irisin, first discovered in 2011, was described as a hormone produced by exercise.The finding ignited hope and press coverage that irisin could hold the key to fighting diabetes and obesity, perhaps one day taking the form of a pill that could melt away the pounds without the hassle of a workout.But new research from an international team of scientists has found that the antibodies used to measure levels of irisin in blood were poorly vetted and non-specific.

Garlic Creamy Potatoes

500 gms potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces
6 garlic cloves, peeled
1 cup fat-free milk, warmed
1/3 cup fat -free sour cream
1/2 tsp black pepper
Chives, freshly chopped

Boil potatoes and garlic cloves in a large saucepan for 30 minutes until potatoes are tender. Drain and return to pan. Add heated milk and sour cream to potatoes and garlic, and mash until smooth. Use a little more milk if you prefer thinner mashed potatoes. Add black pepper to taste. Garnish with some chopped chives.


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