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High blood pres...

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, is a medical condition characterized by raised...


Atherosclerosis is a medical condition characterized by stiffening of the arteries of the body du...

Rubella - Germa...

Rubella or German measles is a mild eruptive fever characterized by temporary spot like rash and...

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The government of India have initiated several large scale supplementary feeding programmes aimed...

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Being a Women

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. There is a lot of differenciation and discrimination in the name of gender as males and females. Nevertheless this difference do exist in nature from time immemorial.

A female draws out various characteristics which is different from that of a male, varying from factors such as physical, mental. biological and reproductive. These are inborn and inbuilt right from the time a mother concieves a female child.
Womanhood is the period in a females life after she has passed through childhood and adolescence, generally around the age 18. Women have three very important physiological functions totally absent in men--menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation.Each of these mechanisms influences the behavioural patterns of a female greatly.
Another such noticable factor could be psycological.
Women prefer to share and care more, she would discuss and figure out a solution for a problem which they face by discussing it with her friends. She is more emotionally depended and possess aa emotional mind when compared to that of men. But men on the other hand seem to be independent and keep things more to themselves. But unfortunately, women are more prone to different types of depressions due to their emotional weakness.
Communication skills and emotional intelligence are found to be better in females. They tend to be more group-oriented.
Women can be, and many are, greatly affected by hormone fluctuations. Hormonal changes in female body is much more prominant and undergoes changes as the age advances. The main two hormones generated in female body are estrogen and progestrone. Estrogen helps the uterus grow, maintains the uterine lining to protect the budding baby. Progesterone has characteristics that balance and counteract the adverse effects that estrogen can have.Progesterone is important mainly for the preparation of the endometrium for implantation of the egg during pregnancy and the maintenance of pregnancy.
women are more often portrayed as being under the influence of their hormones, as being subject to hormonal tides or hormonal storms.

Women face many injustices and inequalities globally, both in terms of economic factors and human rights. An often overlooked aspect of this phenomenon is their health, so its atmost important that proper diet and care are taken as far as female health is concerned.
A healthy diet can help reduce PMS(pre-menstrual syndrome), boost fertility, make pregnancy and nursing easier. It provides one with energy, maintaining weight and keeps you looking good.

God has created women in such a way that, she can take her generation forward by giving birth to new offsprings. The ideal time to start learning about pregnancy is not when a woman is already pregnant but much before that.
For a woman, pregnancy planning means learning everything she can about how her own health and that of her baby can be optimized. She is capable of conceiving from the time she attains puberty till the time of menopause.
A female body is also highly prone to diseases too due to its sensitive features or even due to malnutrition which leads to less immunity. Many such diseases are gallstones, migraine headaches,
osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure(hypertension) etc.
Women with Osteoporosis have weak bones which tend to break. Osteoporosis in the vertebrae can cause serious problems for women. A fracture in this area occurs from day-to-day activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects, or bending forward


Research has also revealed the genetic and molecular basis of a number of gender-based differences in health and disease, some of which are related to genotype — XX in the female and XY in the male.
Due to such less immune resistance women have got higher chances of developing Autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can affect virtually every site in the body.

Autoimmune diseases affect approximately 8% of the population, 78% of whom are women. It is still unkown as to what reasons are there behind such a prevalence. One of the factors behind it could be genetic as it can be passed on from a mother to her offspring.

Working night shifts can affect your body?

The sleep-wake cycle of individuals becomes irregular and leads to reduced TST (Total Sleep Time) on a nightly basis. This in turn results in an accumulation of chronic sleep debt. Gastro-intestinal symptoms, malaise, impaired immunity, mood dysfunction, lack of attentiveness ‘Absenteeism’, lack of productivity, weight gain, insulin resistance, accelerated ageing and other somatic symptoms are all consequences of delayed sleep onset.

How does one minimize this damage?
A few strategies to cope with night shift jobs include:
1. Employers must ensure that these shifts are rotated among people with timely weekly offs in order for the employee to maintain appropriate and sufficient sleep schedules.
2. Make sure there is enough exposure to bright light during work hours.
3. After the night shift, make sure that you darken the room and minimize noise pollution to create an environment conducive for sleep. Take power naps just before the night shift.
4. You can also take medications both to induce sleep and promote waking. Phototherapy under the guidance of a physician can also help in regulating the circadian clock of a person.
5. Employers should also obtain feedback from employees about their shift preferences and assign shifts accordingly.
6. People in rotating shift jobs can take certain measures to ensure that their body is ready for the new schedule.
7. It’s very critical for the person’s family and companions to support the person in helping them sleep better. It’s important that they realize the importance of the body clock, and the need to regulate sleep.

Teens with strong working memory better at avoiding early drug experimentation

During the time of adolescence, the experimentations with alcohol and drugs become common. It is very unfortunate that teenagers most often do not see or think about the actions today and it's ill-effects and consequences tomorrow. They also develop a sort of indestructibility and immunity towards the problems that everyone else faces due to this addiction.

Having alcohol and tobacco at a very young age would bear a very negative health effect on young people. Some teens would experiment and would stop having it after getting an idea of the future consequences it might bring. While others will develop a very strong dependency on it which might prove to be very harmful

A recent study has just stated that adolescence that had a strong working memory is better equipped to escape early drug experimentation without progressing into substance abuse issues. According to the study by University of Oregon, impulsive adolescents who lack focus are more likely to face substance-abuse issues. Researchers have also proved that not every form of early use of drugs is problematic and there are also some individuals who start this habit early and then go into a path of continued usage of drugs.

Teens are more likely to get engaged in impulsive drug-use behavior and they also put forth new approaches for beginning with early interventions since weaknesses in carrying out executive functioning most often underline self-control problems in children as young as 3 years old.

Junk Food Reduces Appetite for Balanced Diet

A very new study has revealed that junk food not only makes you look fat, it would not make you feel hungry soon and thus drives people to seek a balanced form of diet.
The study has shown that over consumption of junk food can have a change on your behavior, lessens overeating and weakens self-control and eventually leads to obesity.
Consuming more of junk diet results in lasting changes in the circuit parts of brain which is responsible for making decision. Thus, disrupts the ability and quality to have a control on intake of certain kinds of foods.

A research on rats was conducted, wherein healthy rats that consumed healthy diet stopped responding to healthy evidences that were connected to a flavor which they had recently eaten or consumed.
This instinctive mechanism, which is widespread among animals, offers protection against overeating while promoting a healthy and balanced diet.
But after having a two weeks diet that included daily access to foods that had high content of sugar and other junk items such as cafeteria foods, including cookies, pie, etc and also cakes which included 150 per cent more calories, the weight of rats increased by 10 percent and there was a noticeable dramatical behavioral

But after two weeks on a diet that included daily access to cafeteria foods, including pie, dumplings, cookies, and cake-with 150 per cent more calories-the rats' weight increased by 10 per cent and their behavior changed dramatically.

Other major problems among youngsters would be faced by girls, who may view food as a terror to there slimness or guys who run behind having health and muscle building supplements.

Gonorrhoea gains high resistance

As a threat to STD treatments, reports from medical institutions indicate that Gonorrhoea is rapidly getting highly drug resistant. If the situation goes like this, Gonorrhoea will become an untreatable disease due to the continuing emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

An injection of Ceftriaxone and an Azithromycin pill are supposed to be used in combination, while some online pharmacies are offering only oral medication. Using just one of the two drugs makes it easier for the bacterium to develop resistance. As the affected patients have inhibitions to openly consult a doctor, most of them prefer online pharmacies and that makes the situation worst.

Gonorrhoea is caused by the bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoea. The infection is spread by unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex. Symptoms can include a thick green or yellow discharge from sexual organs, pain when urinating and bleeding between periods. Untreated infection can lead to infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and can be passed on to a child during pregnancy.

Ebola vaccine trial on volunteers begins in Liberia

The actual trial of Ebola vaccine has begun in the Liberian capital Monday on the first batch of volunteers.

The vaccination trial, which started following a launch event featuring musicians, is a product of a partnership set up by the governments of Liberia and United States. Guests clapped, danced along and nodded as musicians sang lyrics that explain the purpose and intent of the Ebola vaccination trial. Liberians have not shown much excitement about the vaccines amid conspiracy theories. Liberian Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai launched the vaccines in the presence of top US Embassy and World Health Organization officials on Sunday.

The vaccines are “very important for Liberia and for the world”, Boakai was quoted as saying to AP. Boakai urged Liberians “to take courage because it is going to work”.

The vaccines contain a bit of Ebola virus that helps trigger an immune response against the virus, according to a document from PREVAIL, the acronym for Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccines in Liberia, as the US-Liberia collaboration is called.

According to the BBC, scientists aim to vaccinate around 30,000 volunteers and health care workers in the country starting Monday. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed nearly 9,000 people with 3,600 succumbing to the disease in Liberia alone since it was identified in March.

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High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, is a medical conditio...

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Nutritional Programmes in India

The government of India have initiated several large scale supplementary...

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Being a Women

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. There...
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Remarkable health benefits of plant tannins

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