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Stress has become a part and parcel of everyday life....

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever was recognized as a clinical entity as early as in the seventeenth century and was f...

Chronic Fatigue...

Chronic fatigue syndrome is the medical term used to describe several health conditions which lea...

Some common cau...

You forgot your automobile car keys in your own home (for the umpteenth occasion!), you can hardl...

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Amazing Fruits for Radiant Skin

Among some of the most amazing fruits, the wonderful banana can assist in preserving the suppleness of your skin; strawberries provide you with exfoliation together with detoxification. In a nutshell, fresh fruits can assist in accomplishing vibrant skin when utilized consistently, claims Aakriti Mehra, MD dermatologist of Enhance Clinics. She also shares a few great things about fresh fruits and also just how they aid in rendering the skin glow. Given below are some of the benefits accrued from these rejuvenating fruits:
It really is an abundant supply of vitamin and mineral which includes potassium, manganese, biotin, vitamin C and also B6. The nutritional vitamins preserve the suppleness of your skin while the anti-oxidants defend against ageing. Additionally, it is an organic moisturiser which enables you to be utilized in home-based scrubs as well as masks.
Similar to the majority of citrus fruits it includes a very high quantity of vitamin C together with beta carotene, folic acid, phosphates, iodides, ferrous, phytonutrients (These are compounds found in plants. They serve various functions in plants, helping to protect the plant's vitality) and also flavonoids. These types of elements assist to deal with black spots and also pimples. The orange peel could be powdered as well as utilized just like exfoliate for immediate radiance and also skin colour whitening because it works like organic bleach. This also works like a toner extracting dirt, dead skin as well as providing the epidermis a more firm sense.
It includes a greater level of vitamin C and also manganese that helps to exfoliate as well as detox the skin, lightens your age signs as well as freckles. Strawberries at the same time reduce declining of hair as well as provide it with a lustrous glow. It could be employed in the form of exfoliate in foot scrubs.
It truly is abundant in vitamin A, C & K. it works like an anti-oxidant in stopping the aging process which is utilized extensively just like whitening and even de-tanning ingredient.
The organic fruit includes an excellent quantity of anti-oxidants just like carotenes as well as vitamin B as well as C. It maintains your skin layer moisturized, which makes it flexible as well as smooth. This also possesses exfoliation and also anti aging characteristics.
With a very high mixture of vitamin A as well as E, it offers the skin a genuine radiance. Besides, it helps to moisturise as well as revitalize the scalp.
They possess phytochemicals1 as well as phytonutrients that are anti-oxidising and also anti-inflammatory in the natural state aiding re-growth together with recuperation of skin.
It includes vitamin C that helps to enhance collagen and also tightens the affected skin. This also possesses copper that is necessary for melanin generation and even vitamin A along with other anti-oxidants which manage pimples, reduce dark eye pigmentation as well as boost growth of hair. These have additionally been proven to reduce the dandruff in the scalp.

High toxin levels found in bottled water in Mumbai

High levels of certain carcinogens were found in bottled drinking water samples in Mumbai, according to a study conducted by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) at Trombay.

A BARC team of four scientists checked 90 samples from 18 brands of bottled water sold by various manufacturers in the city. They found 27% samples contained higher than World Health Organization-permitted limits of bromates, a salt containing bromide that is a by-product of the disinfection. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies bromates as Group 2B carcinogens that could possibly cause cancer in humans. Some samples had bromate levels four times the WHO limit of 10 microgram per litre.

The BARC findings were published in the January 10 issue of Current Science Journal, a peer-reviewed Indian science journal. Its objective was to check the water for chemical by-products caused by disinfecting processes.

Using ozone, for instance, can form bromates if the water had bromine to begin with. Similarly, certain hypochloride salts can lead to the formation of chlorites and chlorates that are known to affect red blood cells of mice. “Bottled water is in many cases drawn from ground water, which, in our country, is known to contain heavy metals that can cause chronic diseases like dementia, heart problems as well as hypertension”, as per some expert researchers.

SC asks Centre, states to list out steps to curb leprosy

New Delhi: Supreme Court today asked the centreand state governments to apprise it of steps taken to eradicate and curb leprosy, saying it was their responsibility to curb the spread of the disease which is curable.

The court had earlier rapped the authorities for their "apathy" in eradicating leprosy from the country, saying despite it being "curable", the disease still remains a stigma. Earlier too, the bench had granted time for filing of replies by the centre and others and had said, "This is a case which should have been taken on priority basis. Leprosy, as on today, is curable and yet because of apathy shown by the authorities concerned, it still remains a stigma."

"Despite an effective cure, namely Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT) which has been available since 1981, that can completely cure 99 per cent of leprosy bacteria, due to apathy of the Government of India and the State Governments, people are still suffering from the said disease, which is treated as a social stigma," the petition said. It has sought a direction to the governments that drugs be made available at primary health centres in the country. It also pleaded that an appropriate scheme be formulated to bring people suffering from leprosy into the national mainstream.

President Obama announce $3 Billion for International Green Fund

President Barack Obama had promised a $3 billion U.S. contribution to the green climate fund, as an effort to help poor countries to deal successfully with the effects of climate change. The  announcement was expected to be done in the meeting of G-20 industrial nations in Australia.
The other countries joined U.S. are Mexico, South Korea, Germany, France, and Japan, in releasing the fund.This fund will be utilized with  for the privet sector investment, that will encourages world market to produce clean energy technology and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and manufacturers including those from the United States

Mali confirms its second fatal case of Ebola virus disease

 Mali’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the country’s second fatal case of Ebola virus disease. The case occurred in a nurse who worked at a privately-run clinic in the capital city, Bamako.

The nurse, who was showing Ebola-like symptoms, was isolated on the evening of 10 November following suspicions of Ebola infection in a patient from Guinea who was treated at the clinic in late October. These suspicions were raised by an alert from health authorities in Guinea. The nurse died during the night of 11 November.

Testing was done at the biosafety level 3 laboratory in Bamako. In line with standard procedures, samples are being sent to a WHO-approved laboratory for confirmation and further virological analysis.

Private health centers bill is passed

A bill governing private health centers has been passed by the FNC, but not before it was stripped of proposed provisions on patients’ rights. The 29-article bill, which replaces a 1996 law, was sent to the council’s health committee a year ago for study. The committee assembled four times to discuss the law with Ministry of Health officials and the heads of private health centers. In its report, the committee said the law was critical in light of a study that found poor safety standards in some centers.
It said Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, closed 11 centers and warned 13 others about standards. Among the complaints were endangering health, posing a threat to patient security and risk of spreading disease. The committee also claimed that some owners cared more about investing in hospitals and clinics for profit and had little concern for patient well-being. It criticized a shortage of up to 40 per cent in medical staff, with a heavy reliance on visiting doctors and sending patients abroad for treatment. But a list of patients’ rights added to the bill by the health committee was removed after a three-hour debate with the Minister of Health, Dr Abdul Rahman Al Owais.

Things he will notice about you in 10 minutes

There are many factors that would say a lot as to what kind of a person you are. In order to keep up your easy go lucky attitude here are certain tips that you may follow to project a positive impression:

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4 Basic ways to exercise regularly

Exercising on a regular basis could be established only through self motivation. There are several exercising pattern to choose from. There could be several reason as to why we find several excuses for not exercising on a daily basis. You should not....Read More

Healthy snacks you can keep at your work station

Many times you might be too much into losing weight, but due to circumstances you might be forced to spend more time in front of the computer. Keep yourself away from chips packets, desserts and other such oily items for other healthy options such a....Read More

Factors to consider before hair colouring

If you are tired of having the same kind of hair, try something different like jazzing up your look by coloring your hair. Here are certain tips that you could follow in order to get that look:

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Best carbs for weight loss

Carbohydrates are important to your health for a number of reasons. In a healthy balanced diet they are the body’s main source of energy. High fibre, starchy carbs release sugar into the blood more slowly than sugary foods and drinks.
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Stress has become a part and...

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Yellow Fever

Yellow fever was recognized as a clinical entity as early as in the seve...

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is the medical term used to describe several he...

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Some common causes for Memory Decline

You forgot your automobile car keys in your own home (for the umpteenth ...

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Amazing Fruits for Radiant Skin

Among some of the most amazing fruits, the wonderful banana can assist in preserving the suppleness of your skin; strawberries provide you with exfoliation together with detoxification. In a nutshell, fresh fruits can assist in accomplishing vibra...
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Some Benefits of Eating Healthy

Plenty of people believe that maintaining a healthy diet is tough, and also not pleasing to their liking. But, it’s not nearly as complicated as you may believe. There are lots of fantastic advantages of good eating habits. Many of these adv...
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