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Sleeping positions:
Sleeping positions plays an important role in wrinkles....

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Myths: Snoring is not Sleep Apnea
Fact: Snoring is otherwi...

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Autism is a neural developmental disorder affecting social interaction, communication (both verba...

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Alzheimer's disease accounts for 50 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Alzheimer's is a term used f...

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Some Benefits of Eating Healthy

Plenty of people believe that maintaining a healthy diet is tough, and also not pleasing to their liking. But, it’s not nearly as complicated as you may believe. There are lots of fantastic advantages of good eating habits. Many of these advantages; you are going to feel as soon as you begin eating much healthier, and also a few other advantages which you will follow in the years to come. Even during your elder years, ingesting a well balanced meal, will help you to be healthier as well as make you live for a longer time. Regardless of whether you are in your 20s or even 50s, take a look at some indisputable reasons why you should begin eating healthier.

Reduced cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure levels
Hypertension together with higher levels of cholesterol is one of the major reasons behind a cardiac attack on the globe. Whenever, you stay with a diet plan rich in animal fats as well as salt, it could cause you to get those kilos; that will also have an effect on your overall health. Commence eating healthier at this moment, to avoid the destructive soreness from excessive cholesterol levels and also high blood pressure, which encourages very poor health and also untimely ageing.

Crystal clear skin
If you are afflicted with acne breakouts; you can begin eating much healthier right now, to get crystal clear as well as more radiant skin tomorrow. Help make certain long lasting modifications to your daily diet; and you could easily get rid of those heavy concealers as well as foundations. Whenever, you eat a balanced diet; the skin will certainly exude a genuine, healthful radiance and you will appear stunning without cosmetics.

Greater level of energy
These days a lot of people make a complaint regarding exhaustion levels and also persistent tiredness. Among the reasons behind exhaustion phases is an unhealthy eating habit. If you happen to be constantly fatigued as well as drowsy, regardless of how much rest you get, begin eating much healthier to enhance your vitality levels; to look and feel better. If you have plenty of strength, you will find yourself a lot more constructive; this means you can perform a lot more things all through the day.

Much better cardiac well being
One more reason to begin eating healthy is always, to enhance your current cardiac well being. A research demonstrates that, the most reliable approach to deal with nearly all recurring illnesses like cardiovascular disease, is by means of precaution. Therefore, ensure that your daily diet is rich in whole grains, veggies, and also fresh fruits, as well as lower in sugar, salt as well as saturated fat.

Long lifespan
Every person really wants to enjoy a much longer life span, although not everybody knows that their eating habits can certainly have an effect on their life expectancy. So, commence eating healthier at this moment, to enjoy a considerably longer life span. Believe me, the minor balanced diet choices; you could make everyday will surely have a huge effect on your life expectancy over time.

Healthy body weight
A proper body weight is just one of the most commonly encountered factors; which has motivated many individuals to commence eating much healthier nowadays. A diet plan rich in whole meals as well as very low in processed and also junk foods are without a doubt will result in a much healthier body weight. While you are near to a standard body weight, you will find much less health concern and also a reduced threat of diabetes together with cardiovascular disease. Eating a lot more veggies, fresh fruits, in addition to lean proteins every day will help you keep your body weight in check, and also make you feel better about yourself.

Streamlined as well as well toned body
Although, an attractive and well toned physique is dependent upon the kinds of exercises you carry out every day, but your diet plan also plays an enormous part in it. Eating the appropriate portions of nourishing fats, necessary protein as well as carbohydrates; can also perform a much more vital part as compared to what workout routines you are doing every day. If you need a well toned physique, think about eating more healthy beginning at this moment.
Actually, there are numerous reasons to eat better. Even though you may not wish to shed weight, begin eating much healthier, to improve your cardiac well being and also have a longer lifespan. And also don’t disregard for working out regularly.

President Obama announce $3 Billion for International Green Fund

President Barack Obama had promised a $3 billion U.S. contribution to the green climate fund, as an effort to help poor countries to deal successfully with the effects of climate change. The  announcement was expected to be done in the meeting of G-20 industrial nations in Australia.
The other countries joined U.S. are Mexico, South Korea, Germany, France, and Japan, in releasing the fund.This fund will be utilized with  for the privet sector investment, that will encourages world market to produce clean energy technology and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and manufacturers including those from the United States

Mali confirms its second fatal case of Ebola virus disease

 Mali’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the country’s second fatal case of Ebola virus disease. The case occurred in a nurse who worked at a privately-run clinic in the capital city, Bamako.

The nurse, who was showing Ebola-like symptoms, was isolated on the evening of 10 November following suspicions of Ebola infection in a patient from Guinea who was treated at the clinic in late October. These suspicions were raised by an alert from health authorities in Guinea. The nurse died during the night of 11 November.

Testing was done at the biosafety level 3 laboratory in Bamako. In line with standard procedures, samples are being sent to a WHO-approved laboratory for confirmation and further virological analysis.

Private health centers bill is passed

A bill governing private health centers has been passed by the FNC, but not before it was stripped of proposed provisions on patients’ rights. The 29-article bill, which replaces a 1996 law, was sent to the council’s health committee a year ago for study. The committee assembled four times to discuss the law with Ministry of Health officials and the heads of private health centers. In its report, the committee said the law was critical in light of a study that found poor safety standards in some centers.
It said Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, closed 11 centers and warned 13 others about standards. Among the complaints were endangering health, posing a threat to patient security and risk of spreading disease. The committee also claimed that some owners cared more about investing in hospitals and clinics for profit and had little concern for patient well-being. It criticized a shortage of up to 40 per cent in medical staff, with a heavy reliance on visiting doctors and sending patients abroad for treatment. But a list of patients’ rights added to the bill by the health committee was removed after a three-hour debate with the Minister of Health, Dr Abdul Rahman Al Owais.

Identified mutation of KCNB1 gene responsible for epilepsy

Scientists have identified a  mutation in the KCNB1 gene after mapping a DNA of a girl of 10 years old with Epileptic encephalopathy. Epileptic encephalopathy is a severe, rare and complex form of epilepsy that becomes evident in an early childhood and can lead to early death. This research finding has opened new treatment options for the young patient. Currently, the likely course of the disease  was grim and appeared hopeless when the patients were experiencing convulsive seizures.
The KCNB1 gene is responsible for  encoding the Kv2.1 voltage-gated potassium channel. This channel affects cells communication with one another, by regulating the flow of potassium ions through neurons. This channel is also responsible in regulating potassium flow in the kidney, which maintains the potassium balance in the blood and excretion.
A research team was led by a group of scientists at the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI)The study was published in the October edition of medical journal Annals of Neurology.

Novel method to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS with Anti-viral loaded Nanofiber

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy developed an anti-HIV drug loaded onto a mucoadhesive hyaluronic acid (HA) nanofiber delivery system. To address these issues, Bi-Botti Youan, Ph.D, one of the scientists in the team said that, this delivery system could potentially prevent transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through the vaginal mucosa. The drug is release upon the exposure to semen fluid during sexual intercourse. The semen enzyme degrades the nanafiber and release the drug. Electrospinning method was used to load the antiviral drug. The cytotoxicity of the nanofibers on human vaginal cells and toxic effect on vaginal flora were also assessed. The efficacy of this drug delivery systems depends on the duration of the drug-containing formulation remains at the site of administration (ex. vagina, rectum). Youan said, this delivery system produces less discomfort and reducing the dosing frequency due to their prolonged retention at the target site. This research has opened a new opportunity in the field of vaginal drug delivery system.

Gutka ban is working, but is not enough

The ban on Gutka has laid an impact in access, usage, price and display the point of sale as per the study conducted by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Health Organization Country Office for India.
<....Read More

Simple breathing can help you shed extra kilos

While you switch over to an exercise or working out pattern, all you need to do is breathe in and breathe out more in order to lose those extra kilos, as per a new research. Breathing exercise would definitely help you reach your weight loss goal if....Read More

Vitamin C keeps you Healthy

Vitamin C is an important component for the proper functioning and metabolism of the body. Lack of Vitamin C in your body would cause health issues related to skin. Here are certain points to be followed and noted which tells you, why you should inc....Read More

Natural home remedies for sensitive skin

Many of us have sensitive skin and are often worried and tense about various infections and irritation caused due to the use of strong cosmetics and other such skin products. Though it is believed that certain home remedies are safer than using some....Read More

Guide to have a healthy day

Snooze some more: Your quality of day, quality of sleep affects not only your metabolism but also the quality of your day. Instead of hitting the snooze button at dawn, set your alarm to an hour later. For instance, if you generally set an a....Read More

Wrinkle Free Skin

Sleeping positions:
Sleeping positions plays an im...

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Myths and Fact of Sleep Apnea or otherwise called Snoring

Myths: Snoring is not Sleep Apnea

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How to manage autism at home  

Autism is a neural developmental disorder affecting social interaction, ...

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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease accounts for 50 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Alz...

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Some Benefits of Eating Healthy

Plenty of people believe that maintaining a healthy diet is tough, and also not pleasing to their liking. But, it’s not nearly as complicated as you may believe. There are lots of fantastic advantages of good eating habits. Many of these adv...
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A form of paralytic disease showing out in the form of food poisoning is Botulism. It is caused by Clostridium botulinum. The bacterium as such is noninvasive and noninfectious. It produces heat resistant spores which can withstand 100o...
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