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Eye and its Care

The Eye is the most important as well as the most complex organ of a human body. It has many work...

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Introduction to Angina pectoris

Angina also known as angina pectoris is a medical condition characterized by chest pain usually l...

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Cosmetic Surgery

A medical procedure that is carried out by experts to improve the looks of an individual can be c...

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Some common causes for Memory Decline

You forgot your automobile car keys in your own home (for the umpteenth occasion!), you can hardl...

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Typhus Fever

The name Typhus comes from the Greek word ‘typhos’ meaning cloudy. It describes the s...

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Weight Loss And Diabetes

Any weight loss in a diabetic patient can be viewed in two ways. It can be either intentional wei...

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Spoilage of Fruit Juices

The squeezing, macerating or crushing of fruits is done in the process of extracting juice from f...

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Please do not miss these screening test in newborns

Newborn screening tests are set of screening tests performed in the newborn period to diagnose a ...

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Preeclampsia: Introduction, Causes, Risk Factors And Treatment Options

Preeclampsia or pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy related complication characterized by raised blood p...

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