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Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists Should Team up to Combat Medication Errors

Medication errors are unintended mistakes in the prescribing, ministering, management or even tracking of a medication; when under the charge of a medical practitioner, patient or even the end user. These are the most typical, singular preventable reason for undesirable incidents in medical practice.
Around 43 million individuals are seriously injured around the world because of bad health care. Although this mistake can happen to any kind of victim in the clinic, the odds are far more with clients possessing severe health problems, matured individuals, and patients possessing numerous problems having many prescriptions, illiterate victims and also kids. While developed countries, like the U.S. have a recording and reporting system in place, there is a considerable lack of attention towards this area in India.
Lately, as a result of licensing needs, the method is gradually strengthening in India. However, there is absolutely no precise estimate of the number of affected individuals who have encountered these kinds of mistakes. The only information accessible is from scientific studies by individual clinics. According, to a newly released groundbreaking report, there are actually 5.2 million incidents as well as loss of around three million years of healthy and balanced life per year in India, because of health care mistakes accompanied by unfavourable incidents.
Medical treatment mistakes lead to the affected person losing trust in the medical service provider, in addition to the greater expense of medical care.
Either these types of results are not beneficial to the clinics; since they might lose the client in due course, certainly not all the undesirable incidents can be attributed to medical treatment mistakes. However, virtually all the treatment mistakes are preventable undesirable incidents.
Who is actually accountable for medical treatment mistakes?
Attributing the medical treatment mistakes, to just one individual or even a set of rules is probably not possible, because of numerous aspects getting included. This mistake can happen from lacunae in specialized training in medical care products, methods and also systems; while prescribing, transcribing, ministering, compounding, disbursing, governing, and tracking as well as making use of medicines.
Prevalent factors are on account of illegible handwriting, getting an oral order over the telephone, inappropriate transcription, incorrect dosage computations, utilization of unknown abbreviations, flawed labelling and also packing, not following standards for good appear similar medicines, basic two way communication gap between the support providing groups, along with skipping doses; as a result of intense workload, the sluggish mindset of the service vendors, and so on.
Insufficient understanding of medical devices as well as equipment by service vendors and patients also initiates these problems. After examining all the factors minutely; it was discovered that the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare facility managers along with the patients were all accountable. But if; they operate in unison or as a team, this mistake was generally diminished to a sizable degree.
Role of patients in minimizing medication errors
The physicians, nurses and also pharmacists are attempting very hard to give reliable treatment to patients. However, it is also essential that the patient should also try to be an energetic stakeholder in his or her concern.
1. Patients need to correctly understand the fundamentals of medical treatment, medication dosage, regularity as well as timing from the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists; which will ensure increased protection to them.
2. Patients need to share his past medical history with his physician, because if the nurses and doctors at the clinic, are unaware of the whole details about the patients’ past background, indications, sensitivities and even allergies; there is a possibility, or inaccuracy in taking decision on medical treatment.
3. A few individuals may have problems while consuming pills. They seek to chew or even grind the pill, and even combine it with meals or even water to gulp it down. There are a number of pills, that happen to be a very long acting type and are consequently assimilated and circulated in stages, when swallowed, crushing of such pills results in instant discharge of medicine into the bloodstream. Consequently the medicine would not work, and even might have side effects.
4. Before consuming the pills, the expiry ought to be examined because as soon as the medicine has got expired, there is absolutely no assurance of its pharmacological impact as well as might even result in problems for the patient.
5. When consuming liquefied medications, it is extremely important that the patients stick to appropriate dosages as recommended.
Role of nurses in minimizing medication errors
Clearly, being the immediate service providers, nurses surely have a larger responsibility to perform in minimizing medical treatment mistakes.
1. They ought to keep away from having oral directions. Just in case it really is required, it is required to use read back approach, to keep away from any kind of mistake.
2. Before serving the medicine, nurses ought to examine the patient’s identity before providing dose, and also notice for virtually any side effects.
3. They also need to likewise stick to the regular timings, unless of course there is a particular guidance to omit a specific dose.
4. If dosage has to be computed, they need to take their peer to re-check whether or not the computations are correct.
5. Nurses are never supposed to change medications for a patient to an alternate one. To fulfil deficiency of a dose; they should always ask the pharmacists, in the event that any specific remedy appears limited or even lacking.
6. Before employing any equipment or health products, it must be guaranteed that all the protective rules are recognized, and also implemented appropriately. Specifically syringe or infusion pump medication dosage has to be recognized before utilizing.
7. Whenever, in any kind of doubt or clarification is sought by the patients or their attendants; the very same needs to be answered. In case there are issues, immediate assistance should be requested from a doctor or even a pharmacist.
8. And finally, if the medicine consumption has ended, it ought to be recorded in the patient’s history for future reference.
Role of a physician in minimizing medication errors
1. In the course of the visit of the patient in the future, the oral request needs to be recorded and also drafted properly to substantiate it.
2. The moment medication request is granted, their entirety; bearing patient name, identity, course, as well as serving site, medication dosage form, power, number, regularity, planned timing must be verified by the signature.
3. The directions may very well be in terms of fully written text rather than abbreviations.
4. Any kind of doubt or clarifications on medicines, desired by the patient, should be responded.
5. Enough time ought to be invested in coaching the nurses, whenever fresh health care products or equipment are being employed, along with the necessary precautionary measures.
Role of a pharmacist in minimizing medication errors
1. The pharmacists could be utilized a lot more than just ministering help. They should be approved, as group members in the medical care distribution program.
2. Pharmacists may add a lot more towards patient well being, by controlling undesirable occasions as well as by enthusiastically engaging in working out appropriate therapies or dosages.
3. Medical pharmacologists can engage in an important part in diagnosis as well as prevention of the medical treatment mistakes.
4. They might be utilized professionally for this reason; besides creating a clinic formulary, medical treatment standards as well as guidelines.
5. The pharmacists may be instructed to guide precisely as to how the medicines are preserved, so that patients can sustain increased degree of security.
Some common practices to eliminate medication errors
Ideal method, process as well as procedures need to be adopted; for avoidance of medical treatment mistakes.
1. Insistence on report writing and also documenting these kinds of mistakes can certainly help make plans in minimizing the mistake.
2. Periodical evaluation among the involved participants of the clinic and also sharing the problem intensity is likely to make these people understand their existing position and also inspire all of them for upgrades.
3. Computerisation of doctor’s order entry, automated medication delivering method will assist in minimizing the mistakes.
Safe as well as good quality health care distribution ought not to be an accident; however, it has to be cultivated like a tradition as well as practice.

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