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Sunburn and protection

Sunburn and protection

Sunburn is a type of radiation burn that affects through over exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It affects living tissues like skin commonly from the sun. Common symptoms of sunburn include reddish skin, dizziness and general fatigue. An excess of UV radiation can be severe in extreme cases. Extreme UV radiation is a leading cause of skin tumors, skin cancer etc. Other symptoms of sunburn are itching, rash, nausea, fever, edema and syncope.
During the past decades, doctors are all the time more aware of the increase in skin cancer. The harm caused by sunburn includes premature aging, damage to eyes and skin cancer. It is a dangerous and annoying situation to get burned by the sun. Utmost care should be taken to prevent sunburn and its consequences. Sunburn also known as sunstroke is a nauseating and annoying condition.
Avoiding exposure to the sun is the most important way to avoid sunburn. Taking precautions while exposing to the sun help prevent burns. Most of the sunburns heal completely within a few weeks. Treatments at home like using cool and wet clothes on sunburned areas, frequent shower in cold water, applying lotions that contain aloe vera etc. are very helpful in sun protection. There are many lotions available in the market for sun protection. However, a few of easy and inexpensive steps can be followed to escape UV radiation while you are going out.
Sun protection in natural ways
Wearing sunglasses is a better way to protect eyes from ultra violet radiation. A sunglass with UV protection shields your eyes while you are in bright sunlight areas. A light tinted sunglass is an ideal choice because it keeps your natural aversion to sunlight and pupils remain constricted.
Though not all cloths are UV resistant, it is the most effective defense against sunburn. While travelling in tropical environments, light colored long sleeved shirts and long trousers are perfect. A shirt with collar can safeguard the back of your neck. Wearing shoes and socks is also a good defense against UV radiation.
Sun Lotion
Using sun lotion is another way to prevent sunburn. However, sun lotions provide only partial protection from UV. It advisable to apply lotions when full covering clothes is not practical. The lotion should be applied on exposed parts of the body like top and bottom of feet and knees where sunburn is surprisingly quick.
Seek shade
Try to avoid spending more time outdoors during the hours around noon without adequate protection. If you plan for outdoor activities like swimming or boating or trekking, schedule them for the early morning and late afternoon hours. In unavoidable outings during hot sun, try to seek shade whenever possible. Using an umbrella also can reduce the risk of over exposure to the sun.
Drink Water
Drink plenty of water. Drink as much as possible to prevent dehydration.
With a little care and precautions, we can easily protect ourselves from sunburn. Most of the time it is carelessness or unawareness that invites UV radiation. Simple and practical habits help you stay protected while being out in the sun.

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