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Posted on: 30-01-15
Have a happy sleeping!

Sleeping is the state of resting which occurs naturally in all mammals, birds and reptiles where in, there is an increased inhibition of voluntary muscles. Its also called as a semi-conscious state of body and mind where there is less reaction being projected to react to a stimuli.

The whole day energy cum activities depends on how well you slept the last night. The bed-tie habits, duration of sleep, the overall health everything is based on the healthy sleeping pattern.

There are other factors which might hamper your healthy sleeping habits such as family problems, problems faced at work place, relationship issues, illness etc. To tackle such problems there are certain tips and techniques to be followed.

Always stick to a schedule: Fix a time for sleeping and waking up. It should be then continues throughout the week. A properly maintained sleeping pattern would always help you have a healthy day on the whole.

Have a record of what you eat and drink: Do not stuff yourself with too much of food before getting to bed. There should be gap of about two hours between the time of having food and heading for sleep.

Set up a bed time ritual: Set up some day to day activities such as taking a shower, listening to some soothing music and also having a glass of warm milk to sooth both your body and mind.

Physical activity is a must: Include physical activity and follow a regular exercise regime to keep yourself healthy and also to have good, refreshing sleeping hours. Timing is equally important because if you work out just before heading to bed, you would feel fully energized to fall asleep. So it should be set as a routine only during the day time or in the evening. Early morning hours are the best exercise though.

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