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Benefits of  Sandalwood

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Posted on: 29-08-14
Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is the name of a group of fragrant trees found mostly in India and also in other countries too such as South Asia, Indonesia and Australia. Its a comparatively slow-growing aromatic tree which is mostly used by perfume makers for the production of various perfumed products. For the extraction of perfumed products, over harvesting of the sandalwood is done on a large scale. Fragrance is the most prominent derivatives of sandalwood. Talcum powders, soap, perfumes, oils, etc are heavily used for their excellent skincare enhancing properties.

Some common benefits of using sandalwood are as follows:
1. As an anti-aging treatment: Sandalwood consists of antioxidants and has got anti-inflammatory agents that enhances blood circulation to your face, fights all forms of free-radicals that causes formation of wrinkles. Sandalwood is known to be an excellent anti-aging source.

2. All skin related ailments such as pimples, acne, skin eruptions etc can be treated or kept under control by applying a paste of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and water or rose water. If you suffer from a more serious acne problem, a paste of sandalwood powder and rosewater can help mellow down a pimple breakout.

3. For Treating Dark Circles: If you’ve got dark circles, apply a little sandalwood powder, mixed with rose water under your eyes at night. Keep on overnight and wash off in the morning.

4. Astringent: Sandalwood oils acts as an astringent which induces contractions in gums, muscles and skin. It also helps strengthen the hold of gums on teeth and elevates the tightening property of the skin.

5. When mixed with egg yolk or honey, sandalwood powder paste wards off wrinkles and saggy skin.

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