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Posted on: 25-03-15
Heart disease: 5 Things you should know

Continuous 1 hour of exercise is heart healthy
It’s good to be physically active for healthy heart. But it is not good to strain your heart too much. Experts recommend, 25-30 minutes of vigorous to moderate intensity aerobic activity, at least 3- 5 days a week is the best option. You can even take break here and there during the work out is also good. The intension is jut make you physically active.

Fiber food is good to for healthy heart
Yes it is good to add fibrous food in your daily recipe. It lowers blood cholesterol and hence reduces the chance of getting heart disease. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans and other legumes are the good source of fiber.

Men are more risk to get heart disease
It is not true that being man is a risk factor. But men tend to get heart disease earlier age, but women catch up after menopause. A survey in 2010 showed that, death of women is more than men that is associated with heart disease.

You get high cholesterol from what you eat
It is just a myth saying that, rise in cholesterol happens only through what you eat. Despite diet, genetics or gene mutation may also cause rise in cholesterol level.

Obesity is the major risk factor for heart disease
It is just a myth. Only 34% of heart diseases are contributed by obesity and 40% of the risk factor is due to sedentary life style. The other most important contributing risk factors are uncontrolled high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and binge alcohol drinking.

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