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Posted on: 18-11-14
Take care of your lips

Lips are the most delicate part of your body that needs extra care in harsh climatic chances and conditions. There are some super useful tips as well as home remedies for your pout to be as fresh and calm during every season.

1.In order to take care of your lips, it is important to avoid certain things like licking and making it feel moisturized.
2. To take proper care of lips, it is important to avoid certain things like licking our lips in order to keep them moisturized, which is not true and even dries them further. Instead, using a lip-balm on regular intervals is rather recommended to maintain well-hydrated pout. One should also never scrub her lips while scrubbing the face as it can cause serious harm to the delicate skin of the lips. Also, during winter season avoid very matte lipsticks as they can make your lips appear chapped and lifeless. Go for glosses to complete your look.
3. A simple remedy for dry lips can be done by making paste of rose petals with honey and applying it on the pout. Keep it for few minutes and wash off before it dries. Honey will hydrate and nourish your lips while rose petals will infuse a rosy blush on them.
4. After removing your lip color and before hitting the bed in the night, try massaging your lips with fresh malai. This will not only soothe the chapped lips but will nourish them from within during an overnight’s time. And the next morning you will be ready with winter-proof, rosy lips.

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