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Posted on: 06-01-15
How to improve your dental health

Beautiful smile is something that could be maintained and endowed always. But in order to keep your smile on and to get the desired attention it seeks all you could do is to follow these health tips:

In case you lose a whole tooth: Contact Science has made it possible to re-fix your tooth, the only thing expected of you is to save it the proper way. You can hold it back at the same place till you get immediate medical help or you can preserve it by wrapping it in a plastic pouch. Another way to save it is by keeping it immersed in milk while you rush to your dentist.

To soothe your sore throat: Gargle with 'organic apple cider vinegar' to soothe your sore throat. It is considered the best option for mouth's health due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Salt water gargle is another age-old remedy for sore throat. Taking Lozenges every 3-4 hours can be soothing as it keeps the mouth moist by producing saliva which further minimizes the parched feeling.

Selecting a mouthwash: While you buy a mouthwash you should make sure about the fact that it does not have any alcohol content. More of alcohol content in your mouthwash would dry out the saliva content in your mouth.

Clean your tongue the right way: Your tongue would always play a host for bacteria, so it becomes important that you clean your tongue. Most commonly people prefer to clean their tongue with the help of a tooth brush but opting for a tongue cleaner is always suggested without being harsh on your tongue as it can damage your taste buds.

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