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Posted on: 27-03-15
Recommended vaccines for adults

The communicable disease control and flue expert advice to take a flu shot while you go for a vacation. Every year the disease is caused by three or four strains of influenza virus that are expected to be widespread that season. And for which we should be vaccinated.

Tetanus vaccine is just not kids alone, it is recommended to adult as well. Tetanus is a disease caused by the bacteria that enters in to the body through wounds, leading to muscle spasm, stiffness and inability to open your mouth etc.

Now vaccines for chickenpox are also available. Adults develop lot of complications with chickenpox. Chickenpox vaccine may give protection against herpes zoster, as well. The dose of this vaccine includes, 2 doses given 4-8 weeks apart to the people above the age of 13 years.

Human papillomavirus vaccine are also effective for Some men and women. This protects against the human papillomavirus that can cause throat cancer in men and cervical cancer in females. It can be given to the person above the age of 25 years old.

Vaccination against meningitis is also recommended to adult. Some people with weak immune system and travel or stay with group of people should be vaccinated. This protects from meningococcal bacterial strain that can cause meningitis.

It is better to prevent hepatitis with vaccine rather trying to cure it after getting infected. Hepatitis is a viral infection affecting the liver. Hepatitis gets in to the body without any alarm. It can be transmitted through water and food, sharing the towel, blood transfusion or even during sex.

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