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Posted on: 11-12-14
Dos and Donts for your winter skin care

When you feel a little sense of dryness, scaliness on skin, you know that winters are round the corner. Still there needs to be certain aspects which has to followed to make sure about the fact that you remain beautiful and pretty throughout winter.

Remain sun-safe
It is a total misconception that sunscreens are to be used only during summers that prevents it from getting tan. But at the same time even the winter sun can also cause great damage to the skin. So it is always said and recommended to have a broad spectrum sunscreen that has UV and PA+++ to be applied on your skin. To have your natural color to be protected apply this lotion 30 minutes before you step out of your home.

Ban steaming hot water
You would feel much comfortable while you take bath in warm water but, this might hamper you natural skin texture by making it dry. Always prefer taking bath in lukewarm water that soothes your skin and will keep you warmth as well.

Creams over moisturizers
Creams prove to be more beneficial than slathering rich creams in winters. Creams have got a certain amount of oil content in it that would keep your skin always moist rather than making it dry. They bear effect on your skin right from within. This would help have it applied only once or twice instead of reapplying again and again.

Acne panic
Acne can occur at summers to. People come across this issue in winters too. Apart from having an oily skin, dandruff could be another reason why you have acne and pimples. Try using the same brand of shampoo and hair care products in order to get better results.

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